Before I carry on with Life and Death, I thought I would post a review of the film adaptation of the Fault in Our Stars. I saw it on Sky’s Buy and Keep for £5.99 and thought why not? So I sat down to watch it and gearing myself up for a rage induced hernia. Yet, the hernia never arrived. My Mum was gearing herself up for my ranting but all she got was “Wow, that is different.” and “That scene is much better!”.  I guess, like the Twilight films I can only see what they have improved and therefore find them a guilty pleasure. I felt the same with this film, I saw everything that they fixed and therefore, I actually enjoyed this film! I no longer broke out the champagne when Augustus dies but actually felt genuine sadness. I no longer wanted to slap Hazel’s horrible face! So I thought I would produce a little list of why I thought this film was actually decent.

  1. Augustus is Actually Likeable!

No, seriously! Gone is that nasty and pretentious slime that was Augustus. He is no longer using Hazel to get laid and play the White Knight. He is actually a sweet and likeable young man. He does not use bloated and pretentious speech to make himself seem so much more intelligent than all those sheeple. He has sweet flirtings with Hazel (more on that) and seems like a decent friend. That horrible scene where Isaac has been dumped and Augustus just seems not to give a shit was not funny, even though that was the clear intention. Augustus does actually give a shit and the trophy throwing scene to follow are one of genuine comedy amidst the sadness and show that Augustus is decent.

He no longer sneers and laughs at Hazel’s expense that she used her wish on Disneyland but playfully jokes about it. They even had the sense to cut out his backstory with his deceased girlfriend so he no longer comes across as the insensitive and nasty creep that he is in the books. Augustus is genuinely a likeable character and I can’t applaud the writing and acting enough.

  1. Augustus and Hazel’s Relationship is Genuine!

The awkward and pretentious courtship has now been changed through the magic of scriptwriting and acting into something genuine and sweet. Th

ey are still awkward but not in the uncomfortable eye burning way. They are awkward because they are teenagers and that is perfectly acceptable and realistic. No more pretentious speeches about love and how they are better than everyone else. They still spout out some of the stupid and bloated speeches but the majority have either been cut or toned down. Therefore, it doesn’t make me want to douse myself in bleach which is a real plus for me.

Even their sex scene didn’t make me want to scream with rage. Instead of her sounding so bored and glad that it’s other which almost sounds like she gave Augustus a shag to repay him and to help him out. It was awkward, of course it would be but it was sweet and seemed like two teenagers in love who have a realistic and awkward first time.

Even during Augustus’ decline, Hazel is there for me and is showing genuine emotion rather than: “WRITE ME MY SEQUEL!!” or “EW, I’m not dealing with the negative consequences of my TWU LUV dying from cancer, that’s for the minions to deal with.” She is there for him and shows to be the loving girlfriend she is meant to be. Hazel’s reaction to his death has far more impact in the film as we actually see her grieving rather than just going on about drowning which she always does. She is devastated and we see it which makes the audience feel for her and therefore feel far more emotion towards Augustus’ death. It was very well done!

The script also, wisely, cut out the appalling Facebook scene were Hazel showed herself to be the self centred bitch that she is in the book. The entire funeral scene is cut so we don’t have Hazel deriding everyone else but we see her at the graveside and once again all the nasty thoughts and comments are gone. We see a young woman who is genuinely devastated that her boyfriend has passed away. It was moving!

  1. Hazel Doesn’t Deserve a Slap!

We no longer see a nasty Hazel. She wanted to take the lift but it was taken so no more Hazel shitting on other cancer children. She does not act like a total brat to her parents and has a loving relationship with them. She no longer shuvs Isaac’s misery in his face constantly. Yes, she has her moments with taking the piss out of Patrick’s cancer and her stupid Oblivion speech but her horrible characterisation is toned completely down so she now comes across as a sometimes an understandably moody teenager rather a horrible human being.

Also, the book sometimes gives the impression that she is using Augustus to make her dreams come true especially in terms of getting her sequel to An Imperial Affliction. That is all she gave a shit about when Augustus was dying. “Oh! Write me a sequel!”, “Where’s my sequel?”, “Oh, you happen to be dying? WRITE MY GODDAMN SEQUEL!” Not in the film, she immediately forgets his promise when she finds out he is dying and her main concern is Augustus. When she hears that Augustus left her something she is no longer barging into people’s homes as SHE WANTS HER SEQUEL, NOW!! She is told and rushes to her car as she just wants whatever Augustus has written for her as it is from him. She doesn’t care about the contents but because it is his final thoughts to her.

Hazel became the likeable person she was meant to have been in the books. The scriptwriters and actor fixed that and I honestly applaud them from turning her from one of the most unlikeable literary characters I have read about to someone likeable. Bravo!

There is bound to be something that I would hate though, and oh there was:




I hate this Goddamn scene so much.

So yes, the film was actually good and I did enjoy it. I will say to people to actually see this film as it shows a decent and heart wrenching story and fixes everything that the book failed on. Wow, I was positive for once. Well, that won’t last as I need to get back to Life and Death.


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